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La Rossa Tribal Bellydance

Classes and gigs

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Classes and gigs

!!!Classes suspended until after Easter!!!
Classes held at Rockhampton Square Dance Centre
Fitzroy Street, Rockhampton.
(Corner of Fitzroy and Kent Streets, diagonally opposite OfficeWorks - parking/entry from Kent Street.)
!!!Classes suspended until after Easter!!!
5:00pm - 6:00pm, Saturdays
!!!Classes suspended until after Easter!!!
Classes are mostly for women and girls aged 6 and up.
No prior dance experience necessary.
$6 at the door, or
$15 for 3 weeks, pre-paid at first lesson.





Your teacher
Ask her anything.  Something bothering you?  Let me know.  My hope is that you'll find tribal bellydance as joyful, uplifting, and exhilarating as I do.  I want you to leave a class relaxed and energized.
More info about me as a dancer on the Your Teacher page.

Fun and fitness
Any physical activity that is FUN enough to do every single day of your life has GOT to be good for you.  With weekly classes, you'll gain dance skills, and begin the work on muscle strength and flexibility.  Dancing every day is a great way to reach your health and fitness goals.
So come along to improve your fitness, learn a beautiful dance and meet new people.  Tribal bellydance is about connecting with others non-verbally - but for some reason there's always a very vocal aspect to every class! 

What to bring to class
  • Comfortable clothes - gym gear, loose or stretchy pants, perhaps a flowing skirt, choli/crop top/t-shirt
  • Prepare to bare... just your feet!  We dance barefoot, but feel free to wear socks, jiffies or dance shoes.  Bare belly is optional.
  • A towel for floor exercises.
  • Bottle of water.  Kitchen tap is available for water in case you forget.  The Rocky Twirlers sell softdrink cans for $1.20. 

What to expect in class...
La Rossa dance class combines fun, aerobic dance moves, gentle stretching for flexibility and easy muscle strengthening exercises.  We warm up and learn some dance moves, then it's straight into dancing as a tribe - learning to lead and follow your fellow dancers.
No prior dance experience is necessary - watch and learn.  If leading the dance is daunting - leave it till next week!  I want you to be challenged, but still have fun.
If there's time we'll finish with some long, slow stretches and a relaxation to beautiful music.


Facilities at the square dancer's hall
  • Lots of parking on Kent St
  • Kitchen
  • Toilets
  • Rec room (in case leaving kids at home is not an option)

STILL have questions?  CALL ME on 0400 169775

La Rossa Tribal Bellydance ~ Rockhampton, QLD, Australia