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La Rossa Tribal Bellydance

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Tribal Bellydance in Rockhampton, Central Queensland
Experience the power of the world's oldest dances in a supportive, group-based women's dance class.  Tribal Bellydance draws on the western world's fascination with Middle Eastern dance, fusing bellydance with age-old knowledge from India, Persia, Andalusia, Egypt and North Africa, and folk dances and music from every country along the silk road.

Before the show - all-important stretches. More and better photos on the Photos page!

A late start to the year - our hall on Fitzroy St has been commandeered by the Rocky Regional Council as an emergency headquarters for the flood relief effort!  It's only 'til the end of January, but I'm in for an enormously busy few months after that, so classes are suspended until at least Easter.
My regulars have been invited to dance with me at home on Saturday afternoons, but I'm not taking new students for the forseeable future.  Sorry about that.  As a family we have a full-on schedule at the moment, and noone to take my classes for me.
I'm still looking for a flamenco teacher, so if you are reading this and you've done some flamenco, please give me a call - the closest teacher I've heard of is in Brisbane, and with kids and school there's no possiblity of me staying down there long enough to take a course.  I'm desperate to learn!
La Rossa invites women and girls 6 and up have fun learning this great social dance style.  You don't need prior dance experience.  You don't have to bare your belly! 
Tribal Bellydance = danced as a tribe
Classes focus on dancing together - we learn the moves, then share what we know by taking turns at leading the dance.  Each dancer has something special to share with the tribe, but no-one is forced to lead the dance - do it when you're ready.
Class time is your time to relax outside your daily life, concentrate on your well-being, listen to your body and connect with your fellow dancers.  For busy women, tribal bellydance classes combine FUN aerobic exercise, stretches for flexibility, wonderful music, relaxation and a social outing all in one!

Glenmary in the sun

Hopefully there'll be some video in the future - watch this space!

La Rossa Tribal Bellydance ~ Rockhampton, QLD, Australia