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La Rossa Tribal Bellydance


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Where to go, who to ask and what to buy!  Explore Tribal Bellydance culture from your seat...

Tribes over there...
Fat Chance Belly Dance, creators of ATS -
Gypsy Caravan, gorgeous, inspiring and fun fun fun! -


Tribes over here...
Blossoms in Brisbane, QLD -
The 'Rain in Innisfail, QLD -
Ghawazi of the Blue Mountains, NSW -
Tassie tigress prowling Hobart, TAS -
Stars shining in Yeppoon's night sky, QLD -
All things Australian bellydance, all the time -

Costumes and music
Buy FAIRTRADE where possible! -
Oh Tribal Line, how I love thee...

Surprise! Refugees are human too -
Get up stand up!  Stand up for ya rights...
Be politically active, be heard -

I hope you enjoy surfing these links as much as I do.

La Rossa Tribal Bellydance ~ Rockhampton, QLD, Australia